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Commercial Movers

Relocation Services for Offices & Business

Our commercial moving services ensure that your office or business relocation is done efficiently and productively so that you can resume normative business operations undaunted by the intricacies of the moving process. Each commercial relocation process is designed to address your specific business or office situations. We begin the relocation process by assessing the requirements of your move and conclude with a presentation of all the available options within your budgetary limitations. Our moving consultants are experienced and professional, ready to address and inquiries you may have regarding the process.

We understand that your business is exposed to risks well beyond the budgetary costs of relocation, and hiring an experienced commercial moving company will assure your business is relocated quickly, efficiently and cost effectively minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Your employees should leave work at the conclusion of business at your current location and arrive on the first business day following the move prepared to continue with their normative designations. Our Company performs most relocation operations after regular work hours and on weekends in order to allow you to continue your business activities undaunted and uninterrupted. Our facilities are located near major roadways and are fully equipped with vehicles, specialized equipment and a professional productive labor force.

  • Our commercials movers offer:
  • Professional packing, shipping, and unloading
  • Free tolls, mileage and taxes
  • Free special moving blankets to preserve your fragile and valuable items
  • Climate controlled vehicles, and storage facilities
  • Standard valuation protection at the rate of .60/lbs.
  • Free one month of storage
  • Free detailed inventory list
  • Non-disruptive moving service, to minimize business downtime during the relocation process

For more information about our moving services, you may Contact Us or simply Call (201)488-0500

Our Commitment

As one of the most reputable moving companies in the Tri-state area, US Express Moving is a name that is synonymous with proficiency and excellence. Our service is vast, offering local and distance moves for residential and commercial clients. Our professional staff is trained to be exemplary in all facets of the relocation process, and work to make your moving experience as effortless as possible. Our commitment to you the consumer, is to offer a dedicated work force that makes it their priority to alleviate the stresses associated with relocation. It is with this standard that we operate, striving for excellence and providing the most adept moving service in the Tri-state area.