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Moving Green

Our company is continuously optimizing techniques that are environmentally friendly throughout the entirety of our operations. We remain committed to exhibit a role of leadership in the forefront of an environmentally conscious approach that allows for a productive relocation process while refraining from the accumulation of waste. We understand the importance of the preservation of our environment, and we are constantly searching for ways to limit our carbon footprint and help contribute to the green movement. Our environmentally conscious approach is indicative of our endeavor to achieve a more sustainable and productive environment.

  • The ways in which we attempt this include:
  • Ensuring all paper products are 100% recycled
  • Ensuring all boxes is re-usable and remains on our moving vehicles for daily operations. Boxes that cannot be reused are quickly recycled
  • Utilizing industrial tape to wrap blankets around furniture to ensure their protection as opposed to non-biodegradable industrial strength rubber bands
  • Utilizing fuel efficient model vehicles
  • Recommending environmentally friendly products and materials to all clients as a preference

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Our Commitment

As one of the most reputable moving companies in the Tri-state area, US Express Moving is a name that is synonymous with proficiency and excellence. Our service is vast, offering local and distance moves for residential and commercial clients. Our professional staff is trained to be exemplary in all facets of the relocation process, and work to make your moving experience as effortless as possible. Our commitment to you the consumer, is to offer a dedicated work force that makes it their priority to alleviate the stresses associated with relocation. It is with this standard that we operate, striving for excellence and providing the most adept moving service in the Tri-state area.