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30 Moving Tips

Not only the below 30 moving tips will save you a budle, if followed, these 30 moving tips will results in a smooth, stress-free moving experience.

  1. Get an early start, as planning ahead can provide you with sufficient time to manage the financial and physical demands of moving
  2. Seek estimates from several moving companies to determine the most cost effective move
  3. Begin an inventory of household goods
  4. Contact your insurance agent to determine whether you are covered during the relocation process
  5. If necessary, arrange for the transfer of children school records before the move begins
  6. Fill out post office change of address cards
  7. Determine beforehand whether or not not to move major appliances
  8. Notify all security companies and any magazine subscription services etc. of the change of address
  9. Arrange for transport of high-valuable possessions
  10. Contact utility companies for the start date on your new home service
  11. Pack all the necessary items you will be taking with you including clothes, silverware et.c
  12. Pack a box with essentials for easy access the day of the move
  13. Be sure to be available the day of the move
  14. Label your containers and boxes so that you know what is in each moving box
  15. Keep an inventory of labeled boxes so as to make sure nothing is left behind or lost in transit
  16. Label each container with the name of the room to which it will be designated
  17. Make sure your fragile items are properly packed and contained
  18. Make sure all keys are available the day of the move including front door, mail box etc.
  19. When packing, be sure to place the heavier items on the bottom to prevent damage to your valuables
  20. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box
  21. Stack dishes upward, to prevent damage
  22. Dont pack with food or supermarket boxes, as insects could be present
  23. Refrain from using duct tape and try specialized moving tape instead
  24. Pack important documents including health records, passports, insurance, photo albums etc.
  25. Pack and unpack over padded surfaces
  26. Use bubble wrap when packaging electronic equipment
  27. Gasoline, and other flammables by law cannot be transported by a moving company
  28. Tape boxes shut do not simply fold the top or close corners
  29. Clean your stove and be sure to defrost your fridge
  30. Make sure your designated moving company can handle your big items and antique possessions

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