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Packing and Preparation

Our professional staff will assist in the process of packing and preparation in the process of your relocation. Our experts are adequately trained to confront even the most intimidating of packing procedures, maintaining the security of your property and ensuring the proper care is preserved in transit. Our customizable boxing equipment can be tailor made to be the most productive in assisting in all of your packing and shipping requirements. You can order packages of boxes for any size room on our website, as a convenience towards packaging large or fragile items. We also provide printable labels to keep your belongings organized. Getting the correct sized box for your item is paramount towards preserving the objects maintenance.

  • If you choose to engage in the process of packing and preparation on your own, the following are helpful instructions to aide you throughout the ordeal:
  • Pack items together of similar integrity
  • Cover any sharp edges of your larger items so as to prevent damage to other fragile items
  • Wrap objects in clean paper for cushioning
  • Utilize Styrofoam for preservation of delicate items
  • Place the heaviest items on the bottom of your packaging items to prevent damage to items with weaker foundations
  • Seal cartons tightly with tape
  • Develop a system to catalog boxes.
  • When dealing with electrical cords, fasten them so they do not dangle. Errant electrical cords can cause intended damage to televisions and lamps in transit
  • Fill your boxes, but limit the weight to 30 lbs.

For more information about our packing & moving services, you may Contact Us or simply Call 201-488-0500

Our Commitment

As one of the most reputable moving companies in the Tri-state area, US Express Moving is a name that is synonymous with proficiency and excellence. Our service is vast, offering local and distance moves for residential and commercial clients. Our professional staff is trained to be exemplary in all facets of the relocation process, and work to make your moving experience as effortless as possible. Our commitment to you the consumer, is to offer a dedicated work force that makes it their priority to alleviate the stresses associated with relocation. It is with this standard that we operate, striving for excellence and providing the most adept moving service in the Tri-state area.