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Eviction Moving Services in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

US Express Moving NJ offers eviction moving services for clients, landlords, mobile home park owners, commercial real estate managers, and REO managers designed to rid property owners of unwanted tenants. If circumstances dictate that you are facing an unwanted tenant/renter, our team can aid in your specific endeavor as our professional team is proficient in handling both moving items and individuals. US Express Moving NJ’ staff will work with you to ensure the relocation process is done with minimal disruption as warranted.

Eviction Specialists

US Express Moving NJ’ eviction specialists are available during regular business hours to review your account and address and inquiries that may arise. We are fully licensed with the Department of Transportation and comply with all Federal, State, and Local statutes, codes and regulations. At the time of the eviction the landlord will be required to provide all necessary manpower, and materials to make the eviction process as efficient as possible.

The personal property of the evicted must be moved to a location where it can be recovered without unreasonable difficulty. This arduous task can be completed though our storage services designed to shelter items and valuables. The landlord/attorney must incur a minimum of four people to assist in the moving process and all expenses are given to the landlord. .

For eviction moving information, estimate as well as moving, storage and packaging services throughout the Tri-State area, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and the entire United States.

The landlord assumes responsibility for any damage to the property during the relocation process. The landlord MUST NOT break into the residence of the evicted, MAY NOT place a tenant’s belongings unattended outdoors and MAY NOT turn off the heat and utilities of the evicted. Only the proper authorities may remove properties from the premises and this can only be done after the landlord has been awarded a court order called a “right of possession” ” (RSA 540-A: 3, III- IV).

Tenant (s) and their personal property must be physically removed from the premises as described by the court order. There can be no “lockout”. The landlord at his expense must provide proper moving and storage off site by an insured competent mover such as our company.US Express Moving NJ can provide all the necessary paperwork and services to make sure your eviction process is efficient and productive.

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US Express Moving DBA Prudential Elite Moving Systems LLC

US Express Moving NJ,US Express Moving is proud to maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality professional moving services avaialble throughout the Tri-State area. Our hghly proficient, experience, fully liensed and insured moving team handls all aspects of your relocation - from planning and packing to transport and unloading - ensuring that your move is as effortless, easy, and efficient as possible.

US Express maintains a commitment to providing custom-tailored, excellent moving services, removing all associated stresses from the relocation process, and making sure that your belongigns arrive safely at your new property in a safe, exemplary, effiicent, and affordable manner.

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As one of the most trusted names in moving in the NJ region, US Express Moving New Jersey has staked our name on continuously proving the highest quality of moving services with the utmost efficiency and proficiency. We offer all services that may apply to local and long-distance residential and commercial moves in the State of New Jersey, and our trained moving technicians will work nonstop until they achieve our customer’s 100% satisfaction with our jobs. We are committed to providing dedicated amounts of care and precision to our customers, in order to make moving as calm, pleasant, and efficient as possible. We always strive for excellence, and like to think that we do a good job - just check out some of the factors of our diamond reputation!

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