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Expert Packing and Moving Preparation Services

Preparing and packing for a move can be complicated and daunting, with many moving parts and factors to analyze. US Express Moving NJ provides residential and commercial clients throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and the entirety of the Tri-State area with expert, full-scale packing services for moves of all sizes.

Our team takes great consideration to pack all of your belongings with highly customized material and techniques that are custom-matched to protect it. Artwork, heirlooms, and delicate items will be packed with wax paper, in temperature and humidity controlled trucks, and delicate glassware will be handled with unique packing paper and sealing.

US Express Moving NJ deploys a range of modern, brand-new, high quality moving material including cartons, boxes, padding, and blankets - all pristine quality, and handled by a team of highly experienced, fully insured moving experts with years of experience in simplifying moves - while ensuring that they are safe.

Here at US Express Moving NJ, we can pack anything - providing efficient and effective solutions to packing perishable items like machinery and electronics, or heavy bulky items like furniture. Our team provides all packing paper, tape, labels, foam peanuts, and moving pads - and we also help provide logistics to the packing process, documentation and labeling your belongings, and even devising a packing, moving, and unpacking plan to ensure that your experience at your new property will be as simple and comfortable as possible.

If you’re looking to simplify your Tri-State area, interstate, or long-distance move, contact US Express Moving NJ today; our team will provide you the ultimate in safe, convenient, and effective packing and moving preparation services available on the East Coast - and always for a fair, competitive, and budget-friendly flat rate.

Some of US Express Moving NJ Packing and Moving Preparation Services may include:

  • High-quality, clean moving boxes, mats, and supplies
  • Clean, pristine, temperature controlled moving trucks
  • Brand new moving pads
  • Weather-proof wrapping
  • Upfront, transparent pricing
  • Skilled, experienced, and courteous moving teams
  • Timely deliveries
  • Simple scheduling process
  • Full license, insurance, and accreditation
  • Thorough inventories, labeling, and packing plans
  • And much more!

Are you moving your home or business and need to safely transport a piano of any size to your new location? Look no further than the professional piano moving service experts here at US Express.

Our team of licensed, insured, and highly skilled movers have the professional experience and technical know-how necessary to expertly pack your piano, load pianos onto our safe and secure truck, seamlessly transport it to your new home , and unpack it at your new property.

US Express Moving NJ provides piano moving services throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut - as well as from state-to-state, and even cross-country. Piano transportation requires a great deal of technical knowledge and careful attention paid to the specifics of the instrument, as different piano sizes (like grand, baby grand, and concert pianos) will require different handling and disassembly of parts like legs.

US Express employs a team of piano moving experts with a great deal of experience in the disassembly, transport, and reassembly of instruments. Our team takes great care to fully wrap and pad your piano until it is bump-proof, safe, and secure - then carefully load it onto our vehicle which is ensured to remain at the proper levels of coolness and humidity in order to prevent warping.

From start-to-finish, all aspects of your piano move will be handled with the highest level of skill and consideration by US Express’ expert piano relocation team - and always for a fair, competitive, budget-friendly flat rate. Contact US Express today for all of your Tri-State area piano moving needs.

For packing and preparation information, estimate as well as moving, storage and packaging services throughout the Tri-State area, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and the entire United States.

Some Benefits of US Express Piano Moving Services include:

  • Expert-level Fine Art handling protocol
  • Full wrapping, padding, and securing of pianos and piano accessories
  • Temperature and humidity controlled transportation vehicle
  • Safe, talented, experience piano hoisting technique
  • Moving for all piano types, shapes, and sizes - including grand panos, baby grand pianos, spinet pianos, and even concert pianos
  • Careful, expert piano disassembly and reassembly
  • Piano moving services for special events
  • Full, professional licensing, insurance, and certification

Our Commitment

US Express Moving DBA Prudential Elite Moving Systems LLC

US Express Moving NJ,US Express Moving is proud to maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality professional moving services avaialble throughout the Tri-State area. Our hghly proficient, experience, fully liensed and insured moving team handls all aspects of your relocation - from planning and packing to transport and unloading - ensuring that your move is as effortless, easy, and efficient as possible.

US Express maintains a commitment to providing custom-tailored, excellent moving services, removing all associated stresses from the relocation process, and making sure that your belongigns arrive safely at your new property in a safe, exemplary, effiicent, and affordable manner.

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As one of the most trusted names in moving in the NJ region, US Express Moving New Jersey has staked our name on continuously proving the highest quality of moving services with the utmost efficiency and proficiency. We offer all services that may apply to local and long-distance residential and commercial moves in the State of New Jersey, and our trained moving technicians will work nonstop until they achieve our customer’s 100% satisfaction with our jobs. We are committed to providing dedicated amounts of care and precision to our customers, in order to make moving as calm, pleasant, and efficient as possible. We always strive for excellence, and like to think that we do a good job - just check out some of the factors of our diamond reputation!

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